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my step's a little rusty, but all right

all right, all right

dancing whittakers ❀ suntastic

☀ ☾
adamo fuck yeah, anemone, baccano!, bakery, binky boy, burning plastic darts, cakeballs, captain usopp, chocolate = my anti-drug, chocolate milk, church-of-the-1-winged-angel-of-latter-day-summons, clonecest, clothes, cookie-icing-cookie, cookies, cosplaying in public, cry in hell, cuppycake, d is for dallas, death the kid, digimon, discovery, dreamship, enel the sky-god, eureka seven, fish-eye lenses, france, french, fuck yeah adamo, gingerbread persons, gulliver, gyaru fashion, harajuku fashion, hearts, immortal rain, it's raining airmen, jenova's witnesses, kamina is jesus, komui li, kumagoro, malik ishtar's sock drawer, monkey d. luffy, music = love, my other ride's a dragon, my-back-hurts so-i-can't use-my-arms, need moar crack, new york, new york ♥, nico robin, omnomnom, one piece, otomen, photography, pillow piles, pokemon, rage, rape o'clock, route 29, row row fight da powaaa, rubber ducks, rubber ducky, sketchbook massacre, snorlax fucking owns, storm chasing, straw hats, there is no-damn-virus, those aren't his ears, uverworld, xoxo, yes we ke-han